About me – Sender D. MacLean

Executive Summary

Vision…Inspiring! Innovating collaboratively. Creating, developing and implementing initiatives that enrich humanity, globally and locally, and having fun while doing it.

Mission… Significantly increasing sustainable funding for Not for Profits (NFPs) and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Deàrrsach… Rainmaker. Working with CEOs to quickly and easily resolve intractable quantifiable economic issues thereby producing materially increased economic gains.


Age 34, excellent health, born Toronto, Highland Scot, Irish and French ancestry. Father a critical thinker and currently a Masters student. Step-Mom is commencing PhD in England. Mother, PhD and a Missionary, Malawi, Africa.

I am the third of eight children, four brothers and three sisters. Perpetually engaged to the love of my life.


I am undertaking a Masters/PhD academic journey

University of Central Lancashire, England            2009-2011

MA (Creative Thinking)

University of Toronto, Canada            1997-2000

Joint Specialist, Political Science and History


Current… Rainmaker. Agent for Change for NFPs, NGOs and for-profit organizations within the context of betterment of humanity by working toward the success of the United Nations MDGs.

Prior… Strategic Consultant, Researcher, Writer, Philanthropist, Political Operative, General Manager, Private Investigator, Administrative Assistant, Compactor Serviceman, and Apprentice Chef in professional kitchens.

Geographical experience includes Canada, The United States of America and the Caribbean.


One response to “About me – Sender D. MacLean

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful post D. MacLean. Socialfinance.ca would love your contributions. Do you know about Accelerating Social Innovation tomorrow Tuesday at MaRS? Organized by Public Policy Forum.

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