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Social Enterprise Resources

For those of you interested in social enterprise in Canada the following resources are great sources of information:

Enterprising Non-Profits


Canadian Social Enterprise Forum

Moderated by Andy Horsnell and Ethel Cote. This is the official listserv for the Social Enterprise Council of Canada. Send a blank email to: mailto:CSE-ESC-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Social Enterprise Alliance


The Insitutute for Social Entrpreneurs




Social Finance Canada


Centre for Social Innovation


There is also a great Wiki


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3rd Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise Gathering at the Centre for Social Innovation

From November 18th through 20th the 3rd CCSE was co-sponsored by the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, Causeway, SiG and MaRS.

I would like to thank Anne Jamieson, Sarah Lang and Tonya Surman of the SECC and Allyson Hewitt of SiG for the kind invitation to be included in this important national policy dialogue.

On the evening of November 18th the Centre for Social Innovation hosted a diverse collection of people for a lively gathering. Canadians from far and wide came together along with a wonderful group of participants from The Democratic Republic of Congo to learn more about each other and social enterprise.

The guest speaker was the Right Honourable Paul Martin who spoke eloquently about the need to create an enabling environment for social enterprise in Canada.

Mr. Martin, as a champion for social enterprise in Canada, demonstrated that a currently absent legitimacy is standing in the way of advancements. Without that legitimacy it remains difficult to attract the necessary capital to expand the impact of social enterprise across this country.

Explaining his dismay that the Americans are ahead of Canada in this important area he spoke of  new vehicles for investment such as the L3C (low profit limited liability corporation) that have enabled the ramp up of social enterprise.

In a particularly poignant moment Mr. Martin said: “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good. Let’s get this out there and not let divisiveness between us become a weapon.”

Further explaining that social enterprise and its champions have to stop being: “so damn polite.” A unified voice is required to rise up and assert the role social enterprise is playing in transforming individuals, employment opportunities and GDP.

Finally Mr. Martin illustrated the importance of demonstrating to governments that social enterprise is not looking for handouts. Instead, it is looking for a level playing field, in so doing social enterprise can flourish, continuing its transformative role in society.

The next posts will detail the key elements of discussion about social enterprise at the policy forums of the 3rd CCSE.

A great champion of Social Enterprise, Liam Black: “Be bold. Take risks. Don’t get caught up in the self-referential loop of entitlement that discourse about social enterprise too often becomes.”

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