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3rd Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise – Policy Forum – Pillars 4 & 5 – Increasing Awareness and Demonstrating Value & Facilitating Networking Among Stakeholders

I had a meeting with an important emerging social enterprise during these sessions. Further, as Great minds Global is working collaboratively with a Senior Advisor at MaRS on these very issues I felt it was appropriate to take the meeting instead. In the coming weeks I will explain further the details of our work in these important areas.

To develop a detailed policy priority the SECC conducted a survey of participants. Of the approximately 155 people who participated in the conference this pillar had only 71 respondents.

For increasing awareness and demonstrating value it was decided that the following were priorities:

  • Promote the role of social enterprises to different audiences – private and public sector, educators, investors and others
  • Develop an inventory of existing approaches to measuring and demonstrating the value of social enterprise, and
  • Engage the education sector along with other sectors in creating awareness and demonstrating value of social enterprise.

Pillar 5 also had 71 respondents.

For networking among stakeholders it was decided that the following were priorities:

  • Create networking opportunities between social enterprise and traditional business
  • Create an inclusive and loose network of networks that is flexible enough to pursue policy priorities, and
  • Engage federal and provincial governments to recognize and support social enterprise and social innovation networks in the construction of public policy.

John Moody once said: “Yet the railroad speedily demonstrated its practical value; many of the first lines were extremely profitable, and the hostility with which they had been first received soon changed to an enthusiasm.”

Gandhi once said: “A policy is a temporary creed liable to be changed, but while it holds good it has got to be pursued with apostolic zeal.

The next post will address Pillar 6 or providing the supportive infrastructure and legislative environment.

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